A mission to help motivated entrepreneurs who want to grow

Second Spring Digital was started in 2019 to help other entrepreneurs
navigate the maze of digital opportunities available to them.

Our Values

We are serious about the five values below and make them a priority every day:

PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION We simplify, move fast, and balance our priorities. We build things in layers to allow us to be successful.


UNCOMMON OPPORTUNITIES Great people deserve extraordinary experiences and flexible work options. We foster an inclusive workplace where they are comfortable being themselves.


DYNAMIC We are hands-on. We learn by doing. We check and adjust daily, and we back each other up in a fluid way.


ABUNDANT MINDED Our glass is pretty much full. The world is full of opportunity and we select a sliver of it for ourselves.


LOVE IT Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we enjoy the ride.

From the Founder

I started Second Spring in 2019 because I wanted to work with business owners – ‘people like me’. To date, Second Spring has helped over 100 business owners grow their businesses.

Throughout my 25-year career, I’ve helped some of the largest companies in Canada. In 2002, I started a company called SwiftRadius. We focused on providing digital consulting to large businesses, healthcare organizations and government. We grew this business to a team of 50. Deloitte Consulting acquired SwiftRadius in January 2015.

I spent almost five years as a Deloitte Consulting partner after the acquisition. I got to learn even more about creating growth strategies and the power of technology to help empower teams and deliver the growth.

Through 2022, Second Spring developed a niche in optimizing health and wellness practices. This happened from working with clinic owners and reflecting on my experience in healthcare consulting. Plus, I’m following my daughter’s journey into physiotherapy! We are only working with private businesses delivering health care services, 2023 and onward.

I often work directly with our clients. I lead numerous interviews, discussions, deliverable reviews and ongoing dialogue each week. I work to make the process easy, valuable and fun. This is what I love to do, and I look forward to doing it with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

A key part of any online solution is a solid FAQ section and we work with our clients to ensure a great knowledge base is a part of their overall customer service and satisfaction plan.

Here’s a lighter take on an FAQ for Second Spring Digital

What is a 'Second Spring' / What does the name mean?

A-TL:DR – The ‘Second Spring’ concept was originally about starting a new chapter for our founder. Plus, the logo concepts were cool. For more detailed information, read our Launch Blog Post

Why did so many of you leave large companies to join Second Spring?

Dress clothes! We didn’t want to buy any more dress clothes.

Is it snowing where you are today?

 It actually does not snow all the time in Eastern Canada. However, in our headquarter city of Fredericton, New Brunswick – it does snow, on average, 49 days each year for an accumulation of 99.4″.

How do you find working as a remote and distributed team?

“Sorry, I was muted

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