Reach for #1 with Expert Clinic SEO Strategies

Make it easy for your ideal patients to find you with dependable organic search traffic.

Is the search over before it gets to your clinic?

Many great healthcare practices fail to be considered because of low search rankings.

Not in the top 10

when less than 1% of traffic goes to #11 and below

Not in the top 3

when more than 50% of organic clicks go to the top 3 results

Not vying for the #1

when 27.6% of all clicks go to the first result

You deserve a simple way to move towards #1 in search


Help patients become aware of your practice, and the unique value you can provide.


Improving search rankings so patients can find your practice easily when they are ready to book.


Increase organic search results to replace other more costly or less reliable alternatives.

Our SEO Campaigns move you towards #1

While SEO isn’t easy, it can be simple to understand with our 3 step campaign process.

Keyword Strategy:

We analyze your industry and geography to identify keywords with commercial intent for your profession. This means that you are connecting with patients right at the moment they are highly motivated to book.

Technical & On-Site Optimization:

We analyze your website’s architecture, layout, site speed, and mobile responsiveness, along with optimizing relevant content for the selected keywords to boost search engine rankings and bookings.

Off-Site Authority Building:

We focus on increasing your website’s authority by garnering links from influential third-party websites, connecting you with influential listings databases, and other tactics to increase your profile online.

Answer to your questions

Why would I need an SEO team specializing in health clinics?

Successful SEO for health clinics requires healthcare industry knowledge to understand the mindset of a searching patient and the common search tactics they employ. It is also important to understand the regulatory and privacy restrictions that health clinics face, which are different from those found in many other industries.  These specialized local SEO skills typically generate superior ROI compared to results from cross-industry boutique agencies and design firms.

How can SEO improve patient bookings for my health clinic?

Successful SEO will open up an entirely new stream of patients for you. This is done by creating more traffic to your website with SEO, coupled with careful optimization of your website experience to turn traffic into bookings. It is important to understand your numbers, which is why we set up full traffic and conversion analytics for our customers, and provide them with a complete cash flow projection for their SEO strategy.

What strategies do you use to optimize my health clinic's website for search engines?

The 3 key steps in our process are Keyword Strategy, Technical & On-Site Optimization, and Off-Site Authority Building.  Click here for more information.  (Our SEO Campaigns move you towards #1 – link).  We use actual data on search rankings, result traffic and the eventual bookings generated to guide our activities.

How long does it take to see results from SEO for my health clinic?

SEO is a medium and long term strategy, and we are careful to manage our customers expectations. The competitive nature of your industry in your city, your current search rankings, and whether we have conducted a Website Remodel (link) are all key factors. Ultimately, there are no shortcuts if you want to rank in the top three for your profession in your city. Lower difficulty keywords can yield significant results in six months, while competing from terms like ‘chiropractor calgary’ or ‘therapist chicago’ will take twelve months or more.

Our campaigns require a minimum 6 month commitment before moving to Ongoing Optimization (link).  You should plan on 12 months or longer in larger city and/or competitive professions like therapy, chiropractic or physiotherapy.  We will create a full projection of your rankings growth and the impacts to your bookings and cash flow, before we begin.

Benefits of our approach


3 Easy Steps

We can help you to get started quickly, follow an easy process, and generate results in 3 easy steps.

1. Learn

We speak with you to learn where you are, where you are going, and what’s in the way

2. Execute

We agree to work together, put a plan in place, and get to work on implementing it.

3. Grow

We support your growth with search results, increased bookings and easy operations.

New patient bookings letting you down?

Not to worry. Our simple tool gives you 3 easy steps to decide how you will book more new patients without wasting your money, even if you aren’t sure where to find them.

SEO & Ads: QuickStart Sheet for Clinic Owners

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