Turn your healthcare clinic website into a true patient experience

Make it easy for your ideal patients to find you, choose you, and book an appointment.

The Problem

Fed up with your health practice website?

Many healthcare practices fail to generate results from their websites
Not top of mind,when more than 75% of patients choose clinics they’ve already heard of
Not found in local search,when 77% of patients use online search prior to booking an appointment
Not trusted by potential patients,when 89% of consumers read reviews before buying
Marketing Strategy Connecting Digital Devices

Websites that work

You deserve a simple way to find and book patients online

Get a website that works 24/7 to rank you highly in search results, build
your brand and help patients confidently book their appointment.


Why would I choose you? Tell patients how you are different, and why that will matter to them, using language they will easily understand and respond to.



Feed Google what it needs. Create the website layout, tailored content, and strong technical foundation to place you at the top of search results.


Websites should make money. Generate results at every step of the patient journey. Optimize new patient signups, increase average patients visits, convert cancellations into bookings, and maximize practitioner utilization.

A Proven Syestem

We will guide through creating a leading patient experience

It’s ok that you’re not a website whiz. Besides, you have more important things to do, like helping patients.  We will take the complexity out of the process and set you up for results.

The Patient Growth Accelerator™

We use our proven, step-by-step process to align your patient acquisition to your goals.


Understand where you are today

Imagine a 57-point car check-up, but for your clinic online. We dive deep into your patient’s journey, check the competition, and see how you’re doing today. It’s all about gearing up for a smoother ride ahead!


Build a better foundation

Building a sandcastle in the wind? Nope! We’re creating a clear, intuitive layout where information is king and your ideal patient’s journey flows naturally. Plus, we’ll set up to give Google what it needs to rank you on top. That’s a blueprint for success!


Choose the SEO-optimized words to tell your story

Words aren’t just text; they’re the heartbeat of your patient experience online. They shape your brand, boost search visibility, and keep patients returning. Let’s make your story unforgettable!


Create a leading patient experience

Cue the spotlight, it’s your time to shine! We combine your colors, words, images and video to create a digital ‘you’ that’s all sorts of wow. Your online journey’s about to get a standing ovation!


Think of your online presence like a garden. We don’t just plant and leave; we tend to it, adding new content and making SEO tweaks. It’s all about growing steadily, staying fresh, and catching eyes. Ready for continual growth?

The Plan

3 Easy Steps

We can help you get started quickly, follow an easy process, and generate results in three easy steps.


Book an initial call to convey your situation and your goals


We create a plan and implement it together


Operate and tune your practice while the growth you seek takes place


What Our Customers are Saying

QA Quality Assurance and Quality Control Concept
Laura Gatien
Emilie McKay
Dr. Richard Thompson

“Extremely seamless process and very valuable conversation that was easy to schedule, was planned out well, and everything promised in the proposal was delivered..“

Dr. Richard Thompson, Chiropractor

“The whole process of developing our plan was very smooth and easy to implement.”

Dr. Mark Plotnikoff, Chiropractor

“The digital strategy project was efficient and practical, two things I value highly.”

Maxine Armstrong, Audiologist

“The process for collecting the information needed to create our digital adoption plan was thorough and the resulting plan contains a lot of valuable insights that we expect to use to help improve our business.”

Michael Williams, Registered Physiotherapist

“Scott was tremendously helpful and enthusiastic about our project. Many of his points left lasting impressions on us, and we feel like we have a clear plan for our business.”

Emilie McKay, Registered Massage Therapist
Clinic Director

“Second Spring has helped me to decide where I need to focus and then to make progress quickly. I’m improving patient experience, team satisfaction, and clinic capacity all at once.“

Laura Gatien, Clinical Therapist

Marketing that gives you measurable results


More Patients: Get more patients for your healthcare clinic.

Bigger Reach: Improve your online visibility and reach more potential patients.
Grow Brand: Increase brand awareness and trust.
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