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Sample Clinic Operations – Rolling 12 – KPI Dashboard
Sample Owner’s Summary – Rolling 12 – KPI Dashboard

Health Care Clinics


There are many questions to be answered about your clinic in this dynamic environment. Clinic Operations is a specialized area and you need to be on top of the details.

  • What is our effective rate?
  • What does practitioner utilization look like?
  • Is average client visits growing?
  • How many new clients are we attracting?
  • Are we successfully re-booking cancellations and managing no-shows?

Plus, Questions Every Business Has

Outside of Operations, many business leaders are dealing with the same issues.

  • How are our Customers doing? Are we getting enough leads? Are they converting to patients/clients cost effectively? Are they happy with our service?
  • What do our Finances look like? Are we still growing revenue? Are we protecting margins? How is cash holding up in this climate?
  • And what about our People? Are they engaged and happy? Are we able to attract the new people that we need?
  • Are we successfully re-booking cancellations and managing no-shows?
Sample Monthly Gauges – KPI Dashboard
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