Digital Marketing Strategy System for Health Clinic Owners

Increase your visibility in search, spend less to get new patients, and increase bookings using our proven system, The Patient Attraction Planner™.



Has attracting new patients become a challenge?

As each year goes by, the marketplace for your services is changing and patient expectations are increasing. It can be difficult to keep clinic rooms, calendars, and waitlists full of great patients. New clinics open and often complete well online from day one. National groups are rolling up practices and adding new local marketing dollars. Online service directories like Psychology Today and are becoming more active.


Competition is tough, as new clinics open, national practices grow, and online directories complete for patient’s attention online.


Days are long, given you are busy with providing care, managing the practice and living your life.There is only so much time for marketing work.


No clear path, since there seems to be an ocean of conflicting advice on how to attract new patients.

We have the perfect solution for clinic owners wanting more patients

Our simple, proven 3-step process allows us to guide you to better patient attraction results in an efficient, cost-effective way. We help you by:

Step 1 - The Audit

You learn how things really are today related to your online marketing.

Step 2 - The Opportunity

You discover the opportunities available for you to attract more patients.

Step 3 - The Plan

You understand what activities are required to become a leading destination for patients looking for care in your area.

Hear directly from our customers

“I have been incredibly impressed … We have met with many vendors in this industry over the years and no one else has created a true working partnership with us, the way Scott and his team have.”

Dr. Beverly Huang, ND

Clinic Director & Co-Creator, Grassroots Naturopathic Medicine

The Patient Attraction Planner™ is the proven solution for clinic owners and leaders

The key steps we take together are:

The Audit

Where we gather insights on how things are today in our business. Key activities include:

  • 👩‍💼👨‍💼 The Owner’s Insights: We collect your unique perspective on the current state as the clinic owner.
  • 🔍 The Marketing Data Snapshot: We conduct a detailed analysis of the abundance of available marketing data about your business.

  • 🥾 The Booking Expedition Report: We’ve gone on an expedition, through the digital jungle of your online marketing, with the goal of booking your services.

The Opportunity

Where we assess what the practical opportunities to attract more patients online are for your business in your marketplace. The key activity:

  • 📈 The SEO Opportunity Assessment: The SEO Opportunity Assessment digs into the organic search data for your city and disciplines. It determines what searches are being used to book treatment, assesses where you rank now, and establishes the best next moves for you.
  • 📢 The Ads Opportunity Assessment: The Ads Opportunity Assessment digs into the search advertising data for your city and disciplines. It determines the best next moves for you in advertising (if any) and provides a return on investment outlook.

The Plan & Roadmap

Where we create your plan as a series of recommended next steps. Key activities include:

  • 📋 Activity & Costs: where we provide the information on each activity (scope, resources, costs and benefits) you will need to decide how to proceed.

  • 🛣️ Timeline: which shows each activity visually on a roadmap, or Gantt chart view, to help you visualize how your plan would unfold.

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I’m Scott MacIntosh. My focus is Guiding Health Clinic Growth. I have overall responsibility for our insights, opportunities and plans we present to you. I became interested in health clinic owners from our early work in Second Spring, and from following my daughter’s journey into physiotherapy. Since 2022, we’ve worked exclusively with clinic owners coast to coast on improving results using Marketing and Digital. I’ve worked with many companies to help them grow throughout my 25-year career. I’ve helped some of the largest companies in Canada too as a Deloitte Consulting partner for five years. I’ve also been an owner in 9 businesses over the past 20 years. I know what it’s like. It’s stressful, it’s rewarding, it’s complex, and I wouldn’t trade it for any other option. I look forward to connecting with you to see how we can make ourselves useful for you.

Hear directly from our customers

“Extremely seamless process and very valuable conversation that was easy to schedule, was planned out well, and everything promised in the proposal was delivered..“

Dr. Richard Thompson

Chiropractor, Owner, Active Approach Health

You asked… and we answered!

What is the Patient Attraction Plan?

The Patient Attraction Plan is a tailored strategy created using our exclusive Patient Attraction Planner™ process. It’s designed to help clinics like yours increase online visibility, optimize digital marketing efforts, and improve overall patient booking processes.

<Yawn> How is a Patient Attraction Plan different from other marketing strategies?

A patient attraction plan gets to the heart of the matter very quickly, without adding in a lot of busywork to create a ‘comprehensive’ marketing strategy that might just sit on a shelf.

How much of my time do I need to invest?
Just a few hours in total. We know clinic owners are busy, so we’ve learned to streamline the process. We would ask that you provide us some initial information (digitally and asynchronously) and then meet with us to kick off the project and provide your assessment on the practice. Then we will meet you when the first version of your plan is ready and get your feedback.  We will meet again to finalize and make sure you have what you need to implement. 
Is availability limited?
Yes, we can only conduct a few of these plans each month as they require senior team members who also have other duties.
I might be interested, how do I explore this further?
You can [Book Your Discovery Call] to learn more and get started if the time is right.

Hear directly from our customers

“Scott was tremendously helpful and enthusiastic about our project. Many of his points left lasting impressions on us and we feel like we have a clear plan for our business.“
Emilie McKay

Registered Massage Therapist & Clinic Director, Relax. Massage Therapy

Benefits of your Patient Attraction Plan

Optimize online visibility
Improve patient experience
Data-driven marketing strategies
Competitive edge in the marketplace
More sustainable growth
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